How To Retain Talent: A Quick Guide (Updated)


  • Employee retention leads to a stable, productive workforce, where employees feel valued and engaged.
  • The best practices to retain talent include providing a strong onboarding experience and offering training opportunities.
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In a tight labor market, attracting top talent is only the beginning: The real triumph for companies lies in their ability to retain talent and keep employees engaged and motivated.

From enticing benefit packages to personalized training programs, there are many strategies that businesses can implement to increase employee retention. Read on to learn more about the benefits of retaining talent and uncover the best practices to nurture and keep high-potential employees for the long run.

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Understanding Employee Retention

Employee retention reflects the ability of companies to keep talented employees engaged and prevent them from actively seeking job opportunities elsewhere. Having a stable, motivated workforce, aligned with the organization’s goals and mission, has a direct impact on business success and long-term growth.

High turnover rates, on the contrary, can be very harmful: not only because of the financial costs of recruiting, hiring, and training new employees but also because of their impact on productivity and brand reputation.

“The average cost of turnover when an employee leaves is about $18,000.” 

Work Institute

So, what’s the key to retaining talent?

Rather than following a fixed approach, HR teams need to understand employees’ unique needs and expectations and implement multiple strategies to keep their workforce satisfied and committed to the company.

Several factors contribute to employee retention, including:

  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • A positive organizational culture
  • Opportunities for career growth and development
  • Employee recognition
  • Work-life balance
  • Managers and supervisors who provide support and set up clear goals
Find Out How Employee Retention Helps Your Business Grow

Advantages of Employee Retention

Keeping workers for a long time within your company has several benefits, including:

  • Enhancing productivity: Long-term employees are familiar with their roles and your company’s processes, which means they are more likely to perform at a higher level.
  • Preserving institutional knowledge: Retaining skilled, experienced employees ensures that valuable expertise remains within your business, encouraging innovation, creativity, and problem-solving.
  • Saving costs: It’s more cost-effective to invest in retaining current employees than facing the costs of constantly replacing them.
  • Improving employee engagement: A stable workforce where employees feel valued contributes to a positive work environment and fosters a sense of loyalty and commitment among employees.
  • Building a stronger employer brand: Companies with low turnover rates are perceived as attractive employers. Having a positive reputation as an employer helps you attract top talent and reduces recruitment efforts.

Best Practices to Retain Talent by JobFit

The first step to improving your company’s retention rates is to clearly understand what makes employees tick. According to a Work Institute report, 35% of turnover occurs within the first year of employment — and more than a third of the people who leave do it during their first 90 days. This evidences the need to create a strong onboarding process and provide new hires with clear goals, feedback, and ongoing training.

Encouraging employees to set career goals and offering opportunities to develop their skills and abilities should also be one of your top priorities as an employer.

Employees mentioned “Career” as the main reason for leaving their jobs in 2022

— Work Institute

Investing in your employees’ personal growth boosts employee engagement and loyalty and can go a long way in helping you reduce turnover rates.

Finally, offering competitive salaries and benefit packages is key to securing talent and keeping employees happy. This involves:

  • Regularly reviewing compensation structures to ensure they remain competitive in the market,
  • Offering a comprehensive healthcare plan with medical, dental, and vision coverage,
  • Supporting work-life balance with PTO, parental leaves, and flexible work arrangements.

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