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Established 1983

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A strong benefits program helps attract, motivate, and retain top talent.

We have an entire suite of options to fit your organizations needs. With our expertise and software, we’ll help you build and manage comprehensive benefits systems.

Build a strong benefits system with us

Manage employee benefits with ease, boost loyalty, and increase satisfaction with our benefits options.


We offer four different packages which are all full benefit programs consisting of major medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance.


Our systems have data-sharing capabilities – enabling you to reduce data entry, minimize errors, and enhance productivity.


With one of the largest networks nationwide, your employees will have access to in-network providers wherever they are located.

Expert Support

We pair you with a payroll expert in your industry to ensure we’re always able to solve even your biggest problems.


A few basic functions include programming setup tables, retroactive deductions, and benefits billing capabilities.

Benefits Packages

We have four different employee benefit packages that cover medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance options. Our plans work with some of the largest networks nationwide to ensure you’ll always have access to in-network providers.

Automate Benefits

With our experience in your industry, we’re able to automate, streamline, and control benefits information in your organization. No matter what requirements you may have, our tools are flexible enough to handle it.

Self Service

Your employees can review and update their benefits information online. They can look up summaries of their current, past and future benefits elects, and much more.


Take advantage of comprehensive reports and analysis that break down base benefits operations, benefits billing and benefits administration. We’re able to help customize these reports for your specific industries needs.
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With over 37 years in business, we’ve worked in almost every industry around. We’ll make sure you’re always business compliant, optimized for saving money, and poised for growth.

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You won’t find any call centers here. Every client has a dedicated account representative that’s an expert in your industry. Find out why our customer service is unmatched.

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We’re leading the way in how to manage payroll, HR, and so much more. Our cutting edge systems guarantee to solve your organizations biggest challenges.

It’s time to find the perfect solution for your business.

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